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Concealed Carry - Gun Safety
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Concealed Carry, St. Augustine, Florida
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Gun Safety Class & Florida Laws. What You Don't Know Can Kill You!

Would you give the keys to your car to someone who HAD NO License ... NO Insurance ...

just because effective July 1, 2023 you can carry a gun without a PERMIT and training in Florida

Do you think thatís the SAFE/SMART thing to do?

Where canít you carry in FL, what are the laws?

Did you know that with a FL CWP YOU CAN CARRY IN 36 STATES, not just in Florida.

Did you know that with a FL CWP you can buy a gun and walk out the same day without a waiting period.

Can I eat and drink at my local watering hole?

What is brandishing?

Can I carry a blackjack, stun gun, 6" knife?

These and many other questions are answered in my class. Donít risk jail or your life by carrying without training.

The price for a 4 hour Private class for 2 people is $75 each, that's $150 total for 2 People.

A private class (1 on 1) is $120

I provide PRIVATE CLASSES, NOT A ZOO with 20 YAHOOS. It is followed by LIVE FIRE EXERCISE at
SaltWater Shooting Club in St Augustine,where you can shoot, your gun or If you do not have a gun,
I can RENT YOU ONE that can be shared for a fee of $10 plus ammo.

This is a live fire shoot at the range, not just shooting into a can of sand. Advanced Concealed Carry Course, Exceeds Florida State competency training requirements
necessary to apply for yourconcealed carry permit. In addition to covering Florida State laws that apply to
concealed carry. I will provide you with the requiredcertificate of competency to apply for your CWP.

I will provide you with ear plugs, Eye Protection, targets and manual.

We will cover topics such as;

1 - NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling
2 - Field Stripping & Cleaning a pistol
3 - Pistol and Ammunition Types
4 - Fundamentals of Shooting
5 - Range Safety
6 - Guide to Concealed Carry
7 - Safe storage and transport of your firearms
     and ammunition
8 - Florida Concealed Statutes 790
9 - Filing for your Concealed Weapons License

Call, Text or Email for further details

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